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Since 2001 we've provided professional service, top quality equipment and a fair price. Purchasing equipment on line, or from another company just because it's on sale gives you no guarrantee that the equipment is right for your pool. We ask alot of questions to help you make the right decission on what will work for your pool.

As a service company, we try improve every pools equipment and plumbing system to make your pool flow better and improve circulation. A properly designed plumbing system will improve flow, reduce algea problems and save you money on your electric bill each month. We specialize in sizing the right pump size for your pool and offer variable speed energy saving pumps. L.E.D. pool lights that save electricity, and remote control systems to make your pool/ spa work at a touch of a remotes button.

We proudly offer Natures 2 mineral sanitizer with all our spas. Beautiful clean odor free water makes spa care easy. We offer Pool Rx to all our maintenance customers at a discount. Improves water clairity, reduces chlorine demand, and can extend the life of your pool's salt system. Call us or come see us and we'll be glad to give you this free advice. Tell us you visited our web page when you come in, and we'll give you a FREE gift!

If you have purchased a home with a pool or spa and need help, we can assist you with pool or spa school. We'll help you get to know how it works, give advice on maintnence care, chemical needs and more. We offer weekly and every other week services, call for a FREE inspection & quote.

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