Portable Spa Installations Codes & Requirements

1) Any electrical switches or outlets must be 6 feet away waters edge. This includes, quick disconnects, fans and lights.

2) Any window that is within 5 feet of the waters edge must be tempered glass. Window upgrades for safety glass are the responsibility of the home owner. Sliding glass doors are manufactured with tempered glass already.

3) Any aluminum or metal within 5 feet of the waters edge must be bonded according to electrical codes. This includes, window frames, screen rooms, metal door frames etc. Use #8 green bonding wire.

4) Spa cover lifters will require 12 inches of clearance behind the spa.

5) A dedicated 220 volt power supply (4 wire) with a GFCI 50 amp breaker, 8 gauge wire ( depending on distance) and quick disconnect should be installed only by a licensed electrician. Have your contractor call us for questions.

6) 110 volt spas can require either a 15 amp or 20 amp electrical outlets depending on the spas requirements. 20 amp plugs require 12 gauge wires and a special plug configuration different from standard 15 amp plugs. Have a licensed electrician inspect your outlet and system. 110 volt cords have a built in GFCI and should not be plugged into any outlet that is already protected by a GFCI breaker. 2 GFCI protectors can trip each other.

7) Tri County Pool and Spa's standard installation includes 2 hours on site while delivering your spa (including our spa school) and within a 20 mile radius of our store. Further destinations will have delivery fees depending on distance, and excessive time on site can be billed at $99/hr. for extra work.

8) Please discuss with your sales associate any elevations, stairs, screen rooms, fences or bushes that may need to be inspected or removed before we get there with your spa that would require extra labor charges. There is no charge for a local delivery site inspection. You can save money always by getting the area for your spa ready for delivery.

9) State, county, city and sub division codes can vary, please check with your local entity for exact details and requirements.

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