Water Chemistry - Natures 2

*Natures 2 Mineral water chemistry instructions( a pure water spa )

*Clean spas filters every 2 weeks
*Change out water in spa every 4 to 6 months and replace the Natures 2 mineral cartridge If your spa has a purple microclean filter replace with Natures 2 at same time.
*Add tablespoon of Di Chlor granular chlorine after each use of spa.
*Weekly check water chemistry, adjust pH down and adjust alkalinity up as needed
*Bring water sample to store for free water analysis as needed.
*Replace spa filters every 12 – 18 months.
* Manually rinse swim suits after laundering, this removes any remaining soap, never fill a spa with softened water.

• Other products available include: pH increaser, hardness increaser, foam out,
• Filter cleaner, oxidizing shock, stain and scale preventer.

Drain spa by turning pumps on and air control valve off, place your garden hose over a jet and allow water to flow through hose. Hose is now primed up, place hose on floor of spa until drained. Always turn off power to spa once spa starts to drain to prevent damage to spa pumps.

Shock spa water with Di Chlor when refilling and replace Natures 2 cartridge. Check pH and alkalinity and adjust waters calcium hardness if needed. Bring water sample to store for free water testing if needed.

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