Spa Maintenance Tips

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*Bromine Water chemistry for spas
* Start up add 1 cap full spa shock to water after filling.
*Clean spas filters every 2 weeks
*Change out water in spa every 4 to 6 months.
*After each spa use, turn pumps on and add tablespoon of spa shock.
*Weekly check water chemistry, adjust pH down and adjust alkalinity up as needed. And check your bromine tab feeder/ floater. Always keep 1-2 tabs in feeder. Keep Opening small (aprox. ¼”) to allow tabs to dissolve slowly. If bromine levels get to high close up opening more.
*Bring water sample to store for free water analysis as needed.
*Replace spa filters every 12 – 18 months.

*Always rinse out swim suits after washing as to not transfer soap to spa, defoamer is available if bubbles start to form.

• Other products available include: pH increaser, hardness increaser, foam out,
• Filter cleaner, stain and scale preventer & cover cleaner.

Drain spa by turning pumps on and place your garden hose over a jet and allow water to flow through hose. Hose is now primed up, place hose on floor of spa until drained. Always turn off power to spa once spa starts to drain to prevent damage to spa pumps.

Shock spa water with Spa Shock when refilling and replace. Check pH and alkalinity and adjust waters calcium hardness if needed. Never fill a spa with soft water!

Bring water sample to store for free water testing if needed.

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Draining Spas with adding System Flush
If you plan to leave your spa empty for any length of time, add this product System Flush to your spas water 24 hours before you drain it. This will super clean your spas plumbing. If you use your spa all year long, it is a great idea to do this same treatment once a year during a normal draining and refilling cycle every 4 months. If using a Natures 2 Mineral cartridge remember to replace it on every refill.

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